API Quickstart

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vps247 uses a simple REST API, which can be interacted with using standard HTTP requests. Virtual servers can be provisioned, deleted, started, and stopped, directly from the API.

API Overview

The main focus of the vps247 API is creating, destroying, and manipulating virtual servers. It can also be used to fetch information about the available VPS plans, the regions in which virtual servers can be created, and the operating systems that virtual servers can be created with.

API Keys

All API requests must be authenticated using a secret API key, which can be accessed from the control panel. It is important to keep your API key safe; if anyone else gets access to your API key, they can access or destroy your servers.

Example API Key


API Requests

API requests are regular HTTP requests, which include a special header containing your API key. You can make API requests from the command line using curl, or with a graphical REST API client such as Postman or Insomnia.

To get started, just make a GET request to any API URL, including your API key in an X-Api-Key header.

Example Request

curl -H 'X-Api-Key: xxxx' https://api.vps247.com/virtual_machines