API Documentation



Shows a list of all available VPS hosting packages. When creating a new VM by POSTing to the API, a package ID from this list should be specified as package_id.

    Overall package listing.


      curl -H 'X-Api-Key: xxxx' https://api.vps247.com/packages


      Fetches information on a specific package, specified via the id URL parameter.

        Information on a single package.

        The attributes returned by the request will be:

        • id The ID of the package.
        • name A descriptive name of the package.
        • memory The amount of RAM present in the package, in megabytes.
        • disk_space The amount of hard drive space available in the package, in megabytes.
        • cpu_cores The amount of CPU cores available to the specified package.
        • bandwidth Monthly bandwidth limit for the VM, in gigabytes.
        • ipv4_addresses IPv4 addresses allocated to the VM.
        • ipv6_addresses IPv6 addresses allocated to the VM.
        • price_hour_eur Hourly price in euroes.
        • price_hour_gbp Hourly price in Brittish pounds.
        • price_hour_usd Hourly price in US dollars.
        • price_hour_eur Monthly price in euroes.
        • price_hour_gbp Monthly price in Brittish pounds.
        • price_hour_usd Monthly price in US dollars.
        • os_template_ids An array of operating system templates that may be used with the plan.

        • Success - 200 OK

          Returns a JSON object containing the specified package.

        • Failure (No Package) - 404 Not Found

          Sent if the ID specified does not correspond to an available package.


        curl -H 'X-Api-Key: xxxx' https://api.vps247.com/packages/1

        Example Response

            "id": 1,
            "name": "Budget",
            "memory": 512,
            "disk_space": 8192,
            "cpu_cores": 1,
            "bandwidth": 100,
            "ipv4_addresses": 1,
            "ipv6_addresses": 0,
            "price_hour_eur": null,
            "price_hour_gbp": "0.01",
            "price_hour_usd": null,
            "price_month_eur": null,
            "price_month_gbp": "5.0",
            "price_month_usd": null,
            "os_template_ids": [