API Documentation

OS Templates


Shows a list of available operating systems that may be assigned to newly created virtual machines. When creating a new VM by POSTing to the API, an operating system ID from this list should be specified as os_template_id.

    Fetches a list of all available operating system templates.

    • Success - 200 OK

      Returns a JSON object containing a list of all operating system templates.


    curl -H 'X-Api-Key: xxxx' https://api.vps247.com/os_templates


    Fetches information on a specific operating system template, specified by the id URL parameter.

      Information on a single operating system template.

      The attributes returned by the request will be:

      • id The ID of the operating system template.
      • name The full name and version of the operating system.
      • os_type Type of the OS. Will be set to either linux or windows.
      • min_size Minimum required hard disk space for this OS. Not currently used.
      • description A short description of the operating system template.

      • Success - 200 OK

        Returns a JSON object containing the specified OS template.

      • Failure (No Package) - 404 Not Found

        Sent if the ID specified does not correspond to an available OS template.


      curl -H 'X-Api-Key: xxxx' https://api.vps247.com/os_templates/1

      Example Response

          "id": 1,
          "name": "Ubuntu 14.10 Server x64",
          "os_type": "linux",
          "min_size": null,
          "description": ""